How Do I A/B Test Campaigns?

If you’re not sure what reward or incentive to offer referrers and the people they invite then it’s a great idea to A/B test your campaigns to find out which one will do better. With our duplicate campaign function, this is really easy to do.

First, create your referral program by either using one of the hundreds of templates we’ve pre built for you or start a campaign from scratch.

A/b test campaigns - referral factory - step 1

Once you’re happy with your referral program, duplicate it and edit the text in your campaign to offer a different version of a reward or an incentive.

A/b test campaigns - referral factory - step 2

Pro Tips:

  • Name your campaigns accordingly so you can differentiate between them.
  • Edit the share copy in each campaign so when your users share the campaign, the message reflects the right reward/incentive.
  • Invite the same amount of customers to join each referral program so you can get accurate results as to which campaign is better.