How Do I Issue Rewards?

Referral Factory gives you everything you need to plan, launch and run your referral program – we focus on giving you access to all your user data so you know who needs to be rewarded and when. From there, you can set up your own internal process to issue rewards.

This gives you more flexibility to make your reward whatever you like because you won’t have any restrictions or software limitations. You could offer coupons, swag, discounts, gift cards, cash – the choice is yours. 

You can access the data of your referrers and the people they’ve invited in your users tab. From there, you can keep track in real time of how many referrals each user has and how many of those referrals are successful.

The “Referrals” column will show you how many referrals each person has generated.

The “Referrals Successful” column shows you which referrals have successfully converted. Note: This will only show if you qualify your referrals.

Issuing rewards to users

See an example in the screenshot above: In this case, Jessica has made five referrals – three of them have been successful. If you’re running a basic referral program that rewards a user for each successful referral, Jessica would then need to be issued with three rewards.

Here are a few ways that our top customers issue their rewards:
1. If you have the ability to generate coupons or discounts codes then you could include these codes in your email notifications that get sent to the person referring (on a successful conversion) or to the person invited (when they join the campaign ie fill in their details on Step 3)
2. You could use our API and to a build a process on your end that could automate the issuing of rewards.
3. You could manually cross check any new customers you’ve received on your side with the referred users in your Referral Factory account. Then you would be able to issue the rewards manually on your side.

Here’s a tip: To reduce the work behind issuing rewards, we suggest telling your users that rewards are only issued once a month.