How To Redirect Invited Users To Your Website Or Platform

Referral Factory allows you to redirect invited users straight from your referral program to your website or platform. 

This means that after the invited user completes the form on Step 3 of your referral campaign, you can redirect them to your own website where they can convert (this could be completing a sign-up, creating an account, making a purchase, or any other action you want them to take). You can also pass along the data fields that the user has submitted on Step 3, so that their information auto-populates on your platform when they arrive – this creates a smoother journey for the person invited, and increases the likelihood that they will convert.

Select the redirect option in your campaign

Navigate to Step 3 in your campaign builder. Select the redirect option – this is the third toggle. Now that you have switched on the redirect option, the person invited will complete the form on Step 3 and then be redirected to your website or platform.

Referral Factory - redirecting invited users to your website

Setting up the redirect for invited users

Navigate to Step 4 – where you can map out the redirect journey that the person invited will experience after they have completed the form from Step 3. 

Enter the URL that you want users to be redirected to, remember that these are the users that have been invited so (in most cases) they will need to be redirected to your own website or platform to convert.

Sending data from invited users to your website or platform

You can also pass along the data that the invited users input on step 3. To do that you need to select the ‘Send’ toggle on the field that you want to send through to your website or platform. You will also need to “catch” those data fields on your end so you need to name these parameters by entering the Key – the Key should be whatever you call those parameters on your website or platform.

We will also pass along a parameter of the unique code of the person who referred the invited user. If you are going to qualify your referrals using Javascript, you will be able to see who referred the invited user so you know who to issue a reward to. Important: This data is passed to you as a GET parameter when the referred user is redirected to your website or platform. Here is an example of how we would pass this code:  https://your-domain/redirect-path?first_name=Alex&{code}

To learn more about using Javascript to qualify your referrals – read this article.