Image Sizes For Campaigns

To make sure your referral program looks beautiful here are our suggested dimensions for the images in your referral program.

For the logo –  we recommend 500px X 500px
Your logo can only be added on Step 1 of your campaign builder. You can change this at any time but only using Step 1. To upload a logo – click on the circle in your builder and select the image you want to upload as your logo.

For the background image – 1200px X 800px
This will display as centre aligned so keep that in mind. The same as with your logo, the background image can only be added on Step 1 of your campaign builder. To upload a background image, click on image icon on the right hand side, select image and click on the rectangle to upload a background image.

Uploading a background image

For the campaign images
These can be added on any step in the campaign builder – they will scale automatically so you can use any size you have. Click on the ‘Add Block’ button on the right hand side, drag and drop the image block to where you want to place. Click on the image block to upload the image you want.

Uploading an image