What Is A Campaign Title And Meta Description?

The campaign title and the meta description is the text that accompanies the campaign link when you share it with customers as well as the referral link that your referrers will send to their friends. Including campaign titles and meta descriptions give people invited more information about your product or service and depending on your program – details on the incentive for becoming a customer.

Below is an example of what the campaign title and meta description will look like when shared in WhatsApp.

Meta description in whatsapp

To add the campaign title and meta description to your referral program go to Step 2 of your campaign builder. Click on the ‘Share Settings’ icon on the right hand side and add your message subject and message text that will be including when referrers share their links with their friends.

Adding meta description and campaign title

Pro Tip: This copy should give people context about your product or service and why the person invited should click on the link. See the example above. The message includes the company name and a call to action encouraging people to click on the link.