Hubspot And Referral Factory

Connecting your Hubspot account with Referral Factory is really simple. Our Hubspot app syncs your referral campaign and your CRM, allowing you to send your referred leads directly to your Hubspot account. You can also qualify them with a simple status update on your Hubspot account. This reduces the ‘behind the scenes’ admin of your referral program and helps you know which of your referred leads qualify, it also helps you know which referrers you need to reward as a result. 

To run a hassle free referral campaign, you need:

  1. A Hubspot account
  2. A Basic or Pro subscription with Referral Factory

Step by step guide to successfully integrate your referral campaign with Hubspot

Connect your Hubspot account by clicking on the settings tab on the left side navigation bar. Then click the ‘Connect’ button on the Hubspot integration option. Select the Hubspot account you wish to connect to Referral Factory. 

*Note you can only connect one account at a time. 

Referral Factory - Connecting Hubspot Integration

Now that your Referral Factory account is connected to Hubspot, you need to set what data you want to push from your referral program to Hubspot. This is done on a campaign level – you can do this inside your campaign, on the Settings tab inside your campaign builder. Click the drop down arrow next to the ‘Do you want to qualify referrals?’ – select Hubspot.

Connecting your Hubspot account with Referral Factory - step 1
  • First, decide what the status of the new user will be when they enter Hubspot for example: New Lead.
  • Then you need to decide what the status or action will count as a successful conversion. Select this status in ‘what will the status of the user change to when qualified?’ box.
  • You can also choose what type of Referral Factory user you want to add to Hubspot, direct users, referred users or users who have directly been added to a campaign. 

    *Note: If a contact already exists in Hubspot with the same email address as they used to join the referral program (as a person invited or person referring), the contact will not be sent through to Hubspot as you cannot have two users with the same email address.

    The people invited will now be sent to Hubspot once they have filled out the form in Step 3.
Connecting your Hubspot account with Referral Factory - step 2

Next, choose which data you want to collect. Match the fields in Referral Factory with the relevant fields in your Hubspot account. If you don’t want to send a particular data point then choose ‘Do not send’ and this information will not pull through to Hubspot. Make sure you have also set up these fields in your Hubspot account. If you have mapped out a field to send through and that field doesn’t exist in Hubspot then the lead will not be sent through.

Connecting your Hubspot account with Referral Factory - step 3

Once you’re done with your campaign settings, navigate to the notifications tab to continue your campaign setup. Your Hubspot settings will autosave so you don’t miss a step while building your program. 

The Hubspot integration will also allow you the option of disabling the standard notifications sent to the person referring and the person invited, as you can now create your own notifications on Hubspot.

As soon as your referral program is live and you start getting referrals, they’ll automatically be sent to your Hubspot account with the lead status that you assigned. 

Connecting your Hubspot account with Referral Factory - step 5

You can qualify your new referrals on Referral Factory by updating the contact status on Hubspot to the status you want the user to change to when qualified. When you do this, the status of the user in Referral Factory will change accordingly, letting you know that the lead has been qualified. 

Connecting your Hubspot account with Referral Factory - step 7