Salesforce And Referral Factory

You can connect your referral program directly with your Salesforce account, allowing you to send your referred leads directly to your CRM. You can then qualify them with a simple lead status update inside your Salesforce account. 

This reduces the time and admin you spend managing your referral program. It also helps you identify which of your referred leads qualify so you know which referrers you need to reward as a result. 

To run a hassle free referral campaign, you need:

  1. A Salesforce account
  2. A Basic or Pro subscription with Referral Factory

Step by step guide to successfully integrate your referral campaign with Salesforce

Log in to the Salesforce account you wish to connect. Click on the account settings tab on the left side navigation bar. Then click the ‘Connect’ button on the Salesforce integration option. 

*Note you can only connect one account at a time. 

Now that your Referral Factory account is connected to Salesforce, you need to set what data you want to push from your referral program to Salesforce. This is done on a campaign level – go the settings section in your campaign builder. Toggle the the ‘Do you want to qualify your referrals’ button on.

Referral Factory and salesforce step 3

New leads will now be created in Salesforce and you can decide what lead status of the referral will be when it gets sent to Salesforce as well as what lead status will be for leads who have been qualified. 

You can also choose what type of Referral Factory user you want to add to Salesforce, direct users, referred users or users who have directly been added to a campaign.  

Referral Factory and salesforce step 3

Next, choose what information you want to send to Salesforce. If you don’t want to send a particular data point then choose ‘Do not send’ and this information will not pull through to Salesforce.

*Salesforce requires you to send a first name, email and company through so make sure you map these fields. If you don’t want to capture a company name, you can match this field with any other information – for example your campaign name – this will ensure that all fields are filled and the lead will get sent to Salesforce. 

Referral Factory and salesforce step 3

As soon as your referral program is live and you start getting referrals, they’ll automatically be sent to your Salesforce account. This usually takes between 2 – 3 minutes so if you don’t see your contact in Salesforce immediately, remember to give it a bit more time to process. 

You can qualify your new referrals on Referral Factory by updating the lead status on Salesforce – so when you update the status of a contact, it will automatically let Referral Factory know that the lead has been qualified.

Referral Factory and salesforce step 5