How Do I Add Users To A Campaign?

There are in fact two ways to add users to your campaign. Your campaign goal and the type of referral program you want to run will determine which method you use. The first steps are the same for both methods:
Go to your campaigns tab and click on the outputs button of your campaign.

add users to a referral program

1. Invite Your Customers

You can copy your campaign link and send it to your existing customers with a call to action to register to refer friends. We suggest using the most common, high engaging medium within your business. For example you could email or text your customers the link to join your campaign.

add users to a referral program - step 2

2. Upload You Customers

  1. You could also upload a CSV list of your existing customers. This will auto assign each user their own unique referral link which you can then share with your customers in any medium you choose. You must have your users First Name and Email address in order to upload it.
  2. Click on the Upload Users By CSV button.
  3. Upload your CSV.
  4. Configure the properties accordingly.
  5. Customise your notifications.
add users to a referral program - step 3
add users to a referral program - step 4

The goal of your referral program should be to get as many people as possible referring. The more active referrers you have, the more referrals you will get. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should add every person you know to your referral program. Your plan limits the number of users you can have, this is why we recommend option 1 – inviting your customers to join your referral program themselves. This ensures that you will only have users in your campaign who want to refer friends.

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