What Is A Qualified Referral?

A referral is qualified once the person invited has successfully converted. This could be a lead converting to a sale, a meeting converting into a contract, or a referred trial user converting into a paying customer.

Why should you qualify referrals?

  • It eliminates and risk from your referral program – because you reward referrers once they have generated a qualified referral, you’re only paying out after you have made a profit from the referral.
  • It encourages referrers to behave in the correct way which is to only refer people who are the most likely to convert. 
  • It helps you prepare to scale your referral program. Once you have a clearer idea of your program performance, you can automate getting referred leads, qualifying them, and in time even issuing the rewards. 
  • It allows you to notify your users when their referrals are successful and qualified. 
  • It makes it easy for you to identify who needs rewards and when they need to be issued.
  • It helps you find your top customers, loyal fans, and ambassadors so you can build stronger relationships with them over time. 

How to qualify your referrals

You can manually qualify referrals in your ‘Users’ tab. Select the user you wish to qualify – click on the drop down menu in the ‘Actions’ column and click ‘Qualify’.

Qualifying your referrals

Alternatively, you can connect your referral program with your CRM to send new referred leads directly to your CRM – from there you can qualify these leads using your standard business processes. Once the referral has been qualified in your CRM, the status of the user in your Referral Factory dashboard will automatically update to qualified.

Referral Factory currently has integration for : Hubspot, Salesforce, and Intercom

*In order to get access to our integrations and API, you will need to be on the Basic plan of Referral Factory or higher. You can see all our plans on our pricing page.