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Examples Of Great Referral Programs Built Using Referral Factory

We've made it really simple for businesses to build great referral programs. Here are some examples of campaigns built using our referral program software.

With Referral Factory's advanced referral program software, you can build a referral program that looks and feels 100% on your brand. You can then ask your customers to spread the word about your business, track successful referrals, and reward them when their friends convert. 

Below are some examples of our favorite referral programs built using our referral program software. Each referral program uses the features we offer to build unique referral programs that encourage customers to refer friends by offering different rewards and incentives. 

Finfuture referral program

Share your referral link with friends, inviting them to get a free financial consultation.



Froghop referral program

Spread the word and earn rewards, it’s that simple with this referral program.



Optimus referral program

Refer a friend and get a discount on your future courses, they will get a discount too, it’s a win-win!



Scoolinary referral program

A classic invite-your-friends campaign offering a coupon to your friend if they try the service.


Ourbus referral program

A classic give-and-get. Share your referral link with a friend and you’ll each earn $15!



Auspac Solar referral program

A big reward for a big referral. Get $250 for every friend you refer who installs solar panels.


Medsurf referral program

Share your referral link and win, the more friends you refer the more entries you get.



Paris Attitude referral program

Share your love of spaces with friends, and you can both earn rewards. A classic double-sided program.



Octopus Energy referral program

Help your friends reduce their energy bills, and earn 100 euros. It’s a win-win for everyone.



Referral Factory referral program

A classic B2B referral program, where you can earn $200 for referring another business.



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