Building Your Referral Program - Step One Of Your Campaign

Below is a map of your campaign builder. In this article, we’re going to show you how step one of your campaign works.

Referral Factory Campaign Map-png-2

Step One inside your campaign builder is the step where users can join your referral campaign as a person referring. It is also the step where you can customize the look and feel of your referral program. In this help guide, we are going to cover the following:

  1. How step one works
  2. How to style your referral program
  3. How users can join your referral program
  4. How to bypass step one
  5. Tips on step one from a referral marketing expert

1. How step one works

When building this step, it's important to think about the user journey from the perspective of the person referring.

This step is where you will explain to users how the referral program will work, what they can offer their friends as an incentive, and what their reward will be when they make a successful referral.

The First Name and Email Address fields are forced as that is how Referral Factory ties back referrals to the person referring. 

If you are encouraging existing users to join the referral program, it may not be necessary to add additional form fields as you already have that information on your database. However, if you are opening up your referral program to everyone, then you may want to gather additional information from the person referring. 

2. How to style your referral program

Step one is also where you can style your campaign and build a referral program that is 100% on-brand. You can do the following:

Upload your logo – Click on the ‘Upload Logo’ icon and select the logo you wish to upload. The suggested specs for this image are 500 px x 500 px.

Referral Factory - How to upload your own logo (1)-png

Style your background – Here you can either select a color for the background of your campaign or you can upload your own image. The recommended dimensions for this image is 1200px X 800px

Referral Factory - Change the background of your referral program-png

Edit your fonts – Here you can select which fonts you want for your Title blocks and your body text. Plus, change the color and size of the fonts, and make them bold or in italics.

Referral Factory - edit the font settings of your referral campaign-png

Customize your color settings – Here you can make the text box more opaque, and edit the button color as well as the color of the links.

customize your color settings


Add more blocks – Here you can add more titles, copy blocks, images, videos, or even a button to your campaign.

Referral Factory - Add more content to your referral campaign-png

The text in the button is also editable so you can change the call to action to suit your campaign.

Referral FActory - editing the button in your referral campaign-png

3. How users can join your referral program

The more users that join your referral program and invite friends, the more referrals you will get. That is why we have created multiple ways for you to get more people referring your campaign.

  1. Share your campaign link via email or social media with your customers or users and ask them to join your referral campaign. They can then join the campaign themselves by entering their first name and email address.
  2. Upload a CSV list of your contacts. This will add users to your campaign and assign each of them their own unique referral link. You can then choose to email these users from Referral Factory and share their referral links with them, encouraging them to refer friends. If you don’t want to email them from our system, you can export this list and add the users’ unique referral links to any platform you are using. 

4. How to bypass step one

If you would like your users to be able to bypass step one then you can do this by automatically adding them to your campaign. This means they will not see step one of your campaign.  There are a few ways to do this:

  1. You can use our Zapier integration to automatically add users to your referral campaign, issue them a referral link and then automatically send that referral link back to your database. You can read more about using Zapier and Referral Factory here.
  2. You can upload a list of users to your referral program and then send them an email directly from Referral Factory letting them know you have added them to your referral campaign and giving them their referral link.
  3. Sync users to your campaign using one of our integrations. This means you can add a list of customers from your CRM directly to your referral campaign and issue them with a referral link. You can then send these referral links back into your CRM and update your contact to include their referral link. This will allow you to send your contacts their unique referral links every time you interact with them from your CRM. Once you have connected your CRM to your Referral Factory account, you can head to the Outputs Tab inside your campaign builder to see if this option is available with your CRM.
  4. Use our API to automatically add your existing customers to your referral campaign. You could then even go a step further and surface their unique referral links inside a user's logged-in environment. To view an example of this, click on the Grow tab on your left-hand side. Here you will be able to view your referral link and easily share it with your network. You can view our API documentation here.

Read more about adding users to a campaign here.

5. Tips on step one from a referral marketing expert

Our referral marketing experts have put together a few tips for you to help you get the most out of this step. 

  1. A beautifully designed referral campaign will attract the right attention to your campaign. Using the styling features available to style and customize your campaign will appeal to your user and make them want to read the detail and find out more about your referral program.

  2. The simpler it is for users to get their referral link, the more users will join your campaign and become referrers. We recommend only capturing the essential information in the form of this step.

  3. Use clear, engaging copy that encourages users to fill in their details. The easier it is for users to understand what you want them to do, the more referrers will join your campaign. 

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