Your Campaign Builder - Step Four

Step four of the campaign builder is set up based on the option selected in step three.

Option 1 - a different journey for different users

Option 2 - keep the same journey for all users

Option 3 - redirect users to your website

If you have selected option one - Create a different journey for the invited users.

Step four would be used to create the "Thank You" page. There are a few different ways you could use this page:

  • Thank the user for entering their details and letting them know that someone from your team will contact them.
  • If you want users to make an appointment or book a demo, you could add a button with a link to make a booking.
  • If you are offering a promotional code this can be issued here together with a button that directs them to your shop. 
  • If you have an app, you can add download buttons to make it easier for users to download.


If you have selected option two - Keeping the same journey for all users

The people invited to join your referral campaign will not be taken to step 4 at all. Instead, they will go straight to step one.

If you have selected option three - Redirect the person invited to a page on your website.

To redirect invited users to a specific page after they sign up in step three,  you will add the URL for that specific page in step four. You can also choose to pass along the data that users input in Step three so that when they land on your website their information is pre-populated.