How Does Referral Factory Work?

Referral Factory is a referral marketing software that makes it incredibly easy for any business, anywhere, to build their own referral program. In this help guide, we'll be outlining everything you need to know about Referral Factory.

How It Works

Before you set up your referral campaign, it is important to understand how Referral Factory works. Referral Factory allows you to build and customize your own landing pages for your referral campaign and issues unique referral links to people when they join your campaign as referrers. The people referring can then easily share their links using the social media channels that you have selected.

This makes it really easy for your customers to spread the word about your business and for you to track your referrals so you know how many people your referrers have reached, how many referrals they have made, who has successfully converted, and who needs to be rewarded and when. 

Here is a short video explaining how Referral Factory works👇

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