Navigating Your Referral Factory Dashboard

It's really easy to access different tabs and pages from anywhere in your account. This help guide explains the different tabs in your Referral Factory account making it easier for you to find your way around.

Your Dashboard

When you log in to your Referral Factory account, you will land on your dashboard.

From here you will be able to:

  • Create A Campaign - Build a referral program from scratch.
  • Find A Template - Search over 1000 templates to copy and use as your own.
  • Book A Call - Need help? Book a quick call with a customer success agent.
  • Read Our Blog - Learn more about referral marketing and why it works. 

We also give you access to some high-level metrics about your account's performance so you have an indication of how your campaigns are performing.


These metrics include:

  • Total Reach - How many people have landed on all of your campaigns combined.
  • Total Users - A total count of the number of people referring and people invited that are in your campaigns.
  • Total Referrals - A total count of the number of referrals made in all of your campaigns.
  • Average Referrals Per User - The average number of referrals each user has made.



Your Campaigns Tab


This is where you can create a campaign from scratch or use one of our templates.

If you have already created a campaign you will be able to access your campaigns from this tab and edit them.

If you have multiple campaigns you can search for a specific campaign by using the search tool.

We also give you basic campaign metrics on this tab so you can see how your campaigns are performing. 

You can see the following info about your campaigns:

  • Reach - How many people have landed on your campaign
  • Users - How many people referring and people invited are in your campaign
  • Referrals - The number of referrals made in your campaign
  • Referrals Converted - The number of referrals in your campaign that have converted.

You can also click on the drop-down in the Actions column to:

  • Duplicate the campaign
  • Edit and go to the settings of a campaign
  • Create and view the webhooks of a campaign
  • View the outputs of the campaign
  • View the users of the campaign
  • Delete the campaign



Your Templates Tab

From here you can view referral program templates that we have created to help you build a powerful referral program.

We list the most popular first so you can see what other businesses are using.

You can also use the search bar to search for a template that will work for your brand. All you need to do is edit and style it for your brand then go live!



Your Users Tab

This is where you can access all of your Users' data. You can see all of the data that you've captured from your referral campaign, see which of your users are referred, which of them are direct and which of them have been added to your campaign. You can also see the unique referral link for each user. Read more about the types of users here.


We also provide user metrics that allow you to identify who your top users are. You can see the following information on each user:

  • How many people they have reached
  • How many referrals they have generated
  • How many referrals were successfully converted
  • The date a user was qualified.


Here you can also upload a list of existing customers to invite to your referral campaign to start or export all of your user information.

In the users tab, you will also find suspicious users. The suspicious user's feature will trigger a notification in your Users tab when our system detects any users that may not be legitimate.



Your Settings Tab

This tab is where you can manage your setting from an account level. You do the following 👇

  • Connect your referral program with various integrations
  • Set your outbound email address
  • Add your Google Analytics ID
  • Connect your Facebook pixel
  • Create an outbound webhook
  • Access your inbound webhook
  • And access your API token