Issuing Referrers With Their Own Unique QR Code

There are two types of QR codes you can issue within Referral Factory.

1. You can generate a unique QR code for each of your referrers. 

2. You can also generate a QR code to promote your referral campaign to your existing customers or database. 


This article will show you how to issue or generate a QR code for the person referring. 

Once a person referring has registered or signed up to get their referral link - they will be taken to a landing page where they can view their referral link. (This is essentially Step 2 of the campaign builder).

From here, they can generate their own QR code which they could save on their phones to use whenever they want to refer a friend. For partners or ambassadors, they could even print their QR codes on their business cards to easily distribute to their network.

All they need to do is:

Click on the QR code icon next to their referral link. 

Tap on the QR code and save it to your phone.