Choosing The Right Customer Journey For Your Referral Campaign

Your referral program is the same as your other marketing channels in that you need to consider the customer journey. In the case of your referral program, you need to consider the journey for your customers and the person they refer.

In this article, we are going to focus specifically on the journey for the people your customers are inviting or referring. We'll also be giving you examples of each

Referral Factory allows you to build three different journeys for the people being referred.

1. Create a different journey for the invited users, which means they will see different pages.

3. Redirect the invited users, that means they will be redirected to a page on your website once they complete this form.


1. Create a different journey for the invited users, which means they will see different pages

Once the person invited fills in the details and submits the form in Step Three, can direct them to a landing page that you have designed in Step Four of your campaign builder. On this landing page you can do one or all of the following:

  • Thank the person for submitting their details
  • Give them more information about the next steps in your referral campaign
  • Provide them with a discount code you have created on your platform.
  • Add buttons to the page that they can click on to download your app, book an appointment or learn more information on your website. 
  • Include a call to action for them to follow you on your social media channels.
  • You can even use the share settings icon to give the person invited their own referral link for them to refer new people. 

For example: If your business process is for a salesperson to contact all new leads you can let them know on this landing page. That message could say "Thank you for submitting your details, one of our sales agents will be contacting you shortly to give you more information.

Another Example: If you wanted the invited person to download your app but you're not sure what divide they are joining your campaign on, you could use this page to add buttons that link to both the App Store and the Play Store. 

2. Keep the same registration journey for the invited users, that means they will see the same pages.

The person invited will see the same landing page as the person referring when they joined the campaign. To break it down further, every person who gets referred to join your referral campaign will see the landing page that you create in Step One. They will then be taken to a landing page where they will be issued with their unique referral links to refer others to join the campaign. 

For example,
 John joins your referral campaign by signing up in step one. They share their link with Mary. When Mary clicks on John's link, she will be taken to the same landing page as John to join the campaign. 

Here is an example using this journey to run a Refer To Win Twitter competition for Referral Factory.

3. Redirect the invited users, that means they will be redirected to a page on your website once they complete this form.

Once the person invited completes the form in Step Three you can then automatically redirect them to a landing page of your choice. Here, the person invited can continue to create an account, book an appointment, register for a newsletter, or learn more information about your business. 

For example John referrers Mary. Mary clicks on John's link and joins the campaign by completing the form in Step Three. She then gets redirected to your website to continue her registration on your platform.