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Emailing Your Users From Referral Factory

With Referral Factory, you can choose to email your customers their referral links from our system. There are two ways you can do this:

1. Email Your Customers From Referral Factory

Once you have published your referral program - you can send customers/users an email directly from Referral Factory letting them know you have added them to your referral campaign and giving them their referral link.



Design the email that you want to send to your users. You can edit the subject line and customize the email by using the 'Add Blocks' icon to add more content to your email including;  

  • A title
  • More copy
  • Images
  • Videos
  • And buttons

When you're satisfied and you ready to send the email to your database - Click the "Next" button.



You will then need to upload the database or customer list that you want to send the email to. Click the "Browse" button to upload your list. 

Customize the import configuration by selecting if you want to:

  • Ignore the first row in your CSV list
  • Select if you want to overwrite existing users
  • Mapping out the fields in your list to correspond to the fields in your campaign. 

When you're happy with the setup and are ready to launch then just click "Send".


2. Upload A List Of Your Customers

You can upload a CSV list of your customers which will auto-assign each user their own unique referral link. You can then either export this list and use your own existing system to send users their link or you can use Referral Factory to email them their referral link.


Navigate to your Users tab and click on the CSV Import button.



Here you can select the CSV file that you want to upload. Upload your CSV and click ‘Next’.


Add your users to a Google or Exel sheet and save it as a CSV. Make sure your CSV file is separated by a ,  in order for the upload to work properly. You can see an example of what it should look like below.


Once you’ve uploaded your CSV, you need to map out the fields you want to add. You can also choose to overwrite any existing users. Once you’re done, click ‘Next’.


You can choose to use Referral Factory to notify users that they have been added to a campaign. Before you decide, you can preview the email, and then hit save if you choose to send it. The email you’ll see in the preview is the email you build in your campaign builder, under your Notifications tab.