How To Install A Widget On WordPress

If you use a no-code website builder like WordPress, you can also use a plugin to add the embed code into any of your website pages.

Let's start 👇

  • Select the campaign you want to use for the widget. 
  • Inside your campaign builder, navigate to the “Promote Your Campaign” tab. 
  • Then select “Install a widget on your website either for logged-in users” or "logged-out users".

    Screenshot showing How To Install A Widget On WordPress for your referral program dsoftware.

  • Your script is unique to your campaign. So please get it from your campaign “Promote Your Campaign” tab. 
  • Copy the entire <script> section.
  • Next, log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to “Plugins”.
  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard “ and then the “Add New Plugin” section. Search For the “Headers and Footers Scripts” plugin.  Install, then Activate it.

    Screenshot showing WordPress Dashboard for adding Plugin.

  • Go to the 'Settings' section on WordPress and select 'Insert Headers and Footers'.
  • Copy and paste the widget <script> in the Footer section.

    Screenshot showing how to add script of Widget your referral program software.

Note*. You can follow the same process for your logged-in environment too.

Read about our widget feature in this help guide.