🎥 Walkthrough | How To Qualify Referred Users With Their Coupon Using Zapier

Using this Zap, you can automatically qualify a referred user by sending Referral Factory the coupon they used on checkout (when making a purchase).

Please note that you would first need to issue unique coupons to users inside your referral program, in order to send the used coupons back to Referral Factory.

You can read our help guide on coupons here.


Below is a diagram explaining how our coupon functionality works, and how you can use coupons to qualify the referred users that convert (via Zapier) 👇


The most common way our customers use this Zap is by creating automation for every coupon that gets redeemed, sending those coupons back to Referral Factory via Zapier - our system then checks if that coupon was issued to a referred user by us, and if it was we will then mark them as qualified ☑️

Example One:

Watch this video to learn how to qualify a referred user by sending Referral Factory their coupon | Shopify 👇

Example Two:

Let's assume you got a new user referred, meaning they were given a unique coupon by their friend. That referred user will then go off to your WooCommerce eStore to use their coupon (fingers crossed they follow through and make a purchase 🤞).


Once that coupon is redeemed on your system (meaning the referred user made a purchase), you then use the 'Qualify User With Coupon' Zap to send the coupon they used back to Referral Factory.

This tells our system to mark that referred user as qualified ☑️

Please note you can send ALL coupons redeemed on your system to Referral Factory - we will simply ignore the coupons not issued by us. 

Referral Factory + Zapier = 🚀