Can I Pause My Referral Program?

👍 Yes! Referral Factory allows you to pause and resume your campaigns whenever you want.

If you are running a promotional campaign for a limited time frame for example a Spring campaign or a Refer To Win campaign that you want to stop when you get a certain amount of entries you will probably want to pause your campaign once the promotion has ended. This article will show you how you can pause your campaigns from inside your referral software account and, what happens when you pause the campaign. 

Table Of Contents

1. How to pause your campaign

2. What happens when you pause your campaign

1. How to pause your campaign

If you want to pause your referral program for any reason, you can do so in two easy steps.

  1. Select the “Campaign” from your left-hand sidebar.
  2. Toggle the button to the left from Live to Pause.

Screenshot showing how to pause referral program software campaign.

You will still be able to access your campaigns by logging back into your referral program software.


2. What happens when you pause your campaign

When you pause your campaign, you will still be able to access all of the data from your campaign. However, no new referrers will be able to join your campaign and existing referrers will not be able to invite any more friends. If someone clicks on the campaign link or a referrers link, they will see this message.

Screenshot showing What happens when you pause your referral program software campaign.campaign


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