How To Add Teammates Or Colleagues To Your Referral Factory Account

You can create different roles in your Referral Factory account and give each role permission to access various features or pages inside your account.

Important! Referral Factory allows you to add teammates and colleagues for free. It's important as many companies charge depending on how many users you add to your account. As we don't charge for it, you can add all your teammates or colleagues to your Referral Factory account and collaborate together 🙌  


Note* By default, the system will give the role access to all campaigns. But you also can give them access to their own campaigns. If you select own, it means that they will only be able to see the things they set up in Referral Factory, and if you give them all, it means they will be able to see the things that everyone set up in Referral Factory. 


Below is a video of how you can add teammates to your Referral Factory account 👇



If you'd like to have a demo or have any questions you can either book a demo with us or send an email.