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Getting Started

Read these articles if you want to understand the basics of Referral Factory.

Building Your Referral Program

Learn how to build each page of your referral campaign, using our drag-and-drop campaign builder.

Managing Your Referral Campaign

Learn how to manage your referral campaign and users, once you’ve published it. Also how to export or sync your data with other platforms.

Integrating With Referral Factory

Learn about our integrations like Zapier, HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce, Webhooks, Pipedrive, Intercom and more.

Understanding Rewards & Coupons

Learn how to issue your own branded gift card as a reward, Or a coupon of your own by reading these articles.

Best Practices

Get best practice tips from the referral marketing experts! These articles will help you generate more referrals, with less effort.

Accounts And Billing

These articles will show you how to edit your account details, access billing information, change your subscription, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

These articles answer the most common questions asked about our platform.

Troubleshooting Your Campaign

These articles will help you solve any problems you may be experiencing with your campaign.

API Docs For Developers

We offer a powerful API that allows you to add users, qualify referrals, generate referral links, and much more.

Referral Factory Features

Explore all of the features you can use to build a powerful referral campaign.

Learn Referral Marketing

Learn referral marketing tips to generate more referrals and grow your business.