How Do I Style The Email Notifications?

Email notifications are optional, automated emails that can be sent to the person referring their friends and/ or the person being invited. You can activate and turn these in the Settings step inside your campaign builder.

 Read more about the different types of email notifications here.

*To access all email notifications, users must be on the Basic plan or more.

These email notifications can be customized on the "Notifications" step inside your campaign builder. 

See the blue drop-down arrow on the top right-hand side of the email notification screen. Here is a menu containing all email notifications that you have activated in the “Settings” step. 

Select the specific email that you want to edit and style. We have provided you with sample text to point you in the right direction.


Tips For Styling Your Email Notifications

Use the 'Add Blocks' icon to customize the content of your emails including;  

  • A title
  • More copy
  • Images
  • Videos
  • And buttons

*To access all email notifications for users, you must upgrade to at least the Basic plan.