How To Style Email Notifications

Email notifications are optional, automated emails that can be sent to the person referring and the person invited. You can activate them from the “email notifications” section.

Find out what email notification options Referral Factory offers in this help guide


The styling for your user’s email notifications is pulled from the design of your main campaign. You cannot use different background images, colors, and fonts for each email as your campaign only has one design theme


Learn more about the design/theme of your campaign in this help guide


You can, however, edit the elements below that are on the actual page. For example the text 👇



To access all your emails, and edit them individually, go to the “Email Notifications'' step in your campaign builder. 


Please note that to flip between the notifications for the person referring and the notifications for the person invited, you use these tabs 👇



In the email notifications will be some default text, you can either edit this to be your own or remove the text and start from scratch. 


Elements you can add or change on your email notifications 👇

  • titles and body text
  • images, videos, GIFs.
  • social share buttons and copy links 
  • changing  the subject 
  • buttons that link to different URLs