How To Remove Referral Factory Branding

You have the option to remove all Referral Factory branding from pages, emails, and widgets on the Pro plan. This means your competitors and users won't know you're using Referral Factory!

📌 This feature is available on the following Referral Factory plans:

Pro, Enterprise



If you’d like to run a referral program without the Referral Factory branding, all you need to do is upgrade your referral program software subscription to the Pro plan.


Follow the steps below to upgrade your account:

→ Click on your initials in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

→ Select Billing.

→ Upgrade your account to Pro.


Your account will be updated and the Referral Factory branding will automatically be removed.


💡 The final step to entirely white-label your referral program software is to add your own domain. This means that your referral program pages and your users' referral links will live on your own web URL.


Learn more in the following article:

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