How To Redirect Referred Users To Your Website

When a referred user joins your referral program you can send them to your website, a booking page, a buy now page, or another page that you own.

Once the person invited submits their information and we have captured their details for you to contact them or add them to your CRM or mail lists, it is time to send them to your own website or platform where they can continue down your sales funnel and convert into a customer.

Our advanced referral program software allows you to do just that.

For example, Jenny refers her friend Helen to your campaign. When Helen, (the person invited) joins your campaign (by completing the form), she will be redirected to your website to continue their journey with your business. 

This could be creating an account on your website, shopping on your e-commerce site, or signing up for your newsletter subscription.


To enable the redirect option using our referral program software you will need to do the following:

  • Navigate to the Pages for the person invited. 
  • Go to step two for the person invited.
  • aToggle on the Redirect user option.
  • Enter the URL that you want to direct users to.

Screenshot how enable the redirect option using Referral Factory software.



With our referral program software, it is also possible for you to pass along the data that the referred user fill in while joining your campaign so that when they land on your website their information is pre-populated. This makes the journey much smoother for them as they don't have to enter their details in twice. 

Screenshot showing that filled details helps to land on your website their information is pre-populated.


Please note that your page needs to be set up to CATCH this data, and input it into your form fields. You may need to ask a developer to help with this.


Our system will pass the data in this way: 

https://your-domain/redirect-path?first_name={firstname}&email={email} &code={code} 

And on your pages you will need to enable it to catch these fields and insert them into your form. 


Here is an example of how we used our own referral program software to pull the information from our referral program to our own website. If you would like to see how this would work live - you can watch an example below 👇


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