Test Your Referral Campaign Before You Launch

You've built your referral campaign and now you're excited to get it live... Before you do that, make sure you test it thoroughly to make sure you're happy with it.

Follow the steps below to test your referral program before you launch it to the public.

  1. Sign up as a person referring
  2. Share your referral link with a colleague or yourself
  3. Sign up as a person invited
  4. Qualify for a referral
  5. Check your email notifications 

1. Sign up as a person referring

Navigate to the Outputs tab of your campaign builder to grab the link to your referral campaign. Copy the link and open it in a new tab in your browser.

This landing page is Step 1 of your campaign builder. Sign up for the referral campaign as a person referring.

You will then be taken to a landing page with your referral link and any social media channels you have enabled referrers to share. This landing page is Step 2 of your referral campaign builder.

2. Share your referral link with a colleague or yourself

Tap on one of the social media icons to share your referral link with a colleague. Doing this will also help you check the share text that people invited will see.

If you haven’t added a shared message yet, you can do so in Step 2 of your campaign builder.

3. Sign up as a person invited

Click on the referral link you shared with yourself or a colleague and sign up as the person being invited.

There are two essential parts to note here:

1. Make sure you open this link in another browser or in incognito mode. Referral Factory works with cookies so if you have signed up as a person referring and open the referral link on the same browser, you will see Step 2 again and not the landing page for the invited person.

2. You will need to use a different email address for this step as Referral Factory only allows an email address to be used once per campaign. If you don’t have another email address to use, you can add a +1 before the @ sign of your email address and it will act as a new address.

For example - We signed up as a referrer using jessica@referral-factory.com and we don't have another email address to test so, we used jessica+1@referral-factory.com to sign up as an invited person.

4. Qualify the referral

If you have opted to qualify your referrals using Referral Factory then now would be the time to test that. Locate the referred lead (this is the person invited that you just signed up as) in your database or CRM. Convert that lead into your system. If you have set up the automation correctly this will qualify the referred lead in Referral Factory.

5. Check your email notifications

Check the inbox for the email addresses you used to sign up as a person referring and a person invited so you can check the email notification that you received when you signed up. 

These are the emails you configured in the Email Notifications step inside your campaign builder. The screenshot below is an example of one such email notification and where you can edit it.

Now that you have tested the full user journey for the person referring and the person invited and you've checked the email notifications in your campaign and you're happy with all of the steps, you're good to go with your referral campaign 👍

Pro Tip: Book a campaign review with a certified Referral Factory expert to go through your campaign with you and give you tips to improve it as well as advice on marketing your campaign once it's live.