How to Activate Facebook Pixel

If you're using Facebook Ads, you can easily add Facebook Pixel to your referral program landing pages, so you can integrate Referral Factory with your social media marketing strategy.

Why Use Facebook Pixel with Referral Factory?

While Referral Factory offers detailed analytics for your referral program landing pages, adding Facebook Pixel provides additional insight into your campaign's performance and can help you improve your Facebook advertising and marketing in general. 

How to Activate Facebook Pixel

  • To find your Facebook Pixel ID, open your Business Settings in Meta Business Manager. Choose your business. Click on Data Sources and you will see your Pixel ID.
  • Once you have your Facebook Pixel ID, return to your Referral Factory dashboard and navigate to the Settings tab. Scroll down until you see the Facebook Pixel section.
Screenshot showing that referral Factory offers to reactivate Facebook Pixel option
  • Add your Facebook Pixel ID and click "Save".

Screenshot showing how to add ID Facebook Pixel

  • Next, open your campaign builder in the Campaigns tab by clicking "Edit Campaign".
  • Navigate to the "Settings" section of your builder. Scroll down until you will see a dropdown section called "Activate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics". 

Screenshot showing campaign settings step for activating Facebook Pixel

  • Click the toggle to activate Facebook Pixel on your campaign.

Please note: You can only add one Facebook Pixel ID per Referral Factory account.