How To Change The Design/Theme Of Your Campaign

In this help guide, we’ll show you how to use our referral program software to change the design/theme of your referral campaign.

The secret to a successful referral program is to keep it clear, simple, and well-designed. That's why it's important to make sure the referral program software you choose has advanced design features. Luckily for you, our referral program software does just that. 

When you start building your referral program, the first step you'll need to do is choose a theme and design your referral campaign.

Our referral program software offers two options to design your referral programs 👇

1. Basic Theme - you can upload your logo upload, and choose one of the pre-existing themes we've designed for you.

Screenshot showing how choose theme of your referral campaign.

2. Advanced Theme - every design option to make your referral program look and feel 100% on brand. 

Screenshot that showing  Advanced Theme - every design option to make your referral program look and feel 100% on brand. 

Note* You can come back to this point anytime you want to edit your program theme. 


We'll explain in more detail below how the design settings of our referral program software work.

When you create a campaign on Referral Factory, your campaign will have global design settings. This means there is only one place where you can choose all the fonts, colors, and designs for your referral program. 

If you want to change anything in your design, you can go into your builder and click on your brush icon. When you click on the brush icon, your design elements will pop up and you can change the design elements of your campaign. 

Screenshot which showing how the design settings of our Referral Program work.

This is important to know! 

Our referral program software is built in such a way that when you change the design elements on one page (for example pages for the person referring or pages for the person invited), it changes everywhere. The design elements are not per page, or per email, they are per campaign. 

How Does The Design Feature Work With The Templates?

Referral Factory offers two ways to create your referral campaign 👇

  1. Create a campaign from scratch
  2. Create a campaign from a template

Screenshot showing the ways to create campaign from scratch or from template.

Regardless of how you start creating your referral campaign, the design/theme settings will appear. In both cases, the flow is the same.

If you click on “create a campaign from a template”, the design theme will already have its template design filled in but anyway you’ll have the option to change the design. 

You can visit our website to find out more information about our referral program software and how you can design, launch, and promote your referral program.