How To Personalize Your Pages Using Dynamic Variables

In this help guide, we’re going to show you how you can add personalization to your referral campaigns.

What is a dynamic variable? 

A dynamic variable allows you to input a data variable that will change depending on the information you entered before. 

The most common example of a dynamic variable is the {First Name} variable that is substituted by a customer's name. 

{First Name} = Jenny

In Referral Factory, you can add dynamic variables like {First Name}, {Referrals}, and {Converted Referrals}.

Why You Should Add Dynamic Variables To Personalize Your Campaigns?

The more personalized your content is, the more likely you will capture customers' attention, engage them in your referral program, and convert them. 

Picture 1 - Referral campaign example with a personalization 

Picture 2 - Referral campaign example without a personalization 


How Do You Add Personalization To Your Pages?

To find out what dynamic variables are available on each page, this is how you do it.  


You can add dynamic variables to your landing pages and email notifications 👇 

  • This is how you can do it. 
  • This is where you see which dynamic variables are available.


Note* Those variables are also available depending on what information you’re adding in the form field.

Let’s say you’re adding a {First Name} variable to your second step for the person referring page. 

You just copy and paste the variable into your text builder and that’s it.