How To Bulk Upload Referred Users (Migrate Your Referral Data)

Looking to migrate existing referral program data into Referral Factory? Simply bulk upload your referred users in a CSV file! Important: you'll need to make sure the people who refer them have been added first!

Migrating your existing referral program data into Referral Factory is easy with the option to bulk import users as a CSV file. Click here to download a sample CSV file to use as a template


‼️  When importing referred users you will include the email address of the person who referred them. This means that the person referring must be added to your campaign BEFORE you upload your referred users. 


→ From the User's tab, click Add Users.


→ Select Upload Users (CSV File).


→ Select the campaign you want to upload users into. 

→ Click Browse to upload your CSV file of referred contacts. You can find a sample CSV file here. Once your file has been uploaded, click Next.


→ Be sure to toggle on the option to add referred users.

Map the columns to the appropriate fields in Referral Factory. You must map First Name and Email (of the referred user) as well as the Email Address of the Referrer. 

→ Click Next


→ Click Confirm and Save

→ Your imported referred users will show in the Users tab alongside the name of the person who referred them. In addition, referrals will be attributed to the person who referred them.