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Troubleshoot Finding Your List Of Contacts To Sync

Having trouble syncing Referral Factory with your CRM? Try these troubleshooting tips.

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🤔 Problem

You want to sync a particular list of CRM contacts but when you search, it doesn't show in the available list in the dropdown select.

Screenshot of syncing your Salesforce contacts where there are no options in the dropdown select.

✅ Try This

👉 Check that you've spelled the name of the list correctly.

👉 If you have a significant number of lists in your CRM, we recommend scrolling to the bottom of the list multiple times. This is because only 100 lists are loaded at a time, and scrolling to the bottom will allow more lists to load.

👉 If you recently created the list, you can try resolving the issue by disconnecting your CRM integration and clearing your cache. After doing so, reconnect and attempt again to see if the list appears in the available options.