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How To Generate Referral Links For Your CRM Contacts

In this help guide, we’ll explain what is a CRM Sync, how you can generate referral links for your CRM contacts and how you connect it with your referral campaign.

You can sync all of your CRM contacts or a specific list of contacts with your referral campaign. This will allow you to add those contacts to your campaign and call their unique referral links back to your CRM 👏


This is how you generate referral links for all or some of your CRM contacts: 


How to sync your CRM contacts? 


Inside your campaign builder, you navigate to the “Promote Your Campaign” tab.



Once you click on Generate referral links for your CRM contacts,  you’ll see the flow of how you can sync your CRM contacts. 


This will generate referral links for all or some of your contacts. 

These contacts will NOT be notified unless you specify they should be in the next step. After your sync is complete, the CRM contacts you chose to sync will each have a referral link inside their contact record in your CRM.



If you don’t have an integration connected, you’ll first see this modal. 



Important: If you don't use one of our native CRM integrations, you can still sync your contacts using Zapier. Go here to read more about that.  


Let’s take Hubspot as an example, to understand how this feature works 👇

From here you can follow the prompts to sync your contacts. 


It's important to note that you can choose to Sync ALL Contacts or Sync From A Specific List. 



*Note: If you select  "Sync From A Specific List" you will need to choose which list you want to sync with from the drop-down menu. 



Please make sure to map the Referral Link field to a field you have already created in your CRM. 


You can also choose to keep this sync ongoing or to only do a once-off sync. This depends on whether you simply want to generate referral links for the contacts you already have in your CRM today, AND the contacts you'll have in your CRM in the future. 



Important! If you are not using any of our native integrations but you still want to sync your CRM contacts, you can do that by using our  “Add User Zap” 💪


If you need any help using syncing your CRM contacts with Referral Factory, please contact our support team here

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