HubSpot And Referral Factory: An Overview

Referral Factory is HubSpot's #1 certified referral app! Automate your referral program so you can grow your business through referrals without adding to your workload.

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If you already have a Referral Factory account, then keep reading to learn what you can do with your HubSpot integration 👇


What You Can Do With HubSpot and Referral Factory 

👉 Sync your HubSpot contacts to generate their referral links. Learn how. 

👉 Send your new referred contacts straight into the HubSpot workflows you already use. Learn how. 

👉 Qualify the referred contacts who convert simply by updating a property or a deal stage. Learn how. 

👉 Create a new HubSpot contact when someone signs up for a referral link. Learn how.

👉 Track your sale value for commission-based rewards from a HubSpot deal. Learn how.



Sync HubSpot Contacts with Referral Factory (and Generate Their Referral Links)

Sync all or some of your HubSpot contacts to generate unique referral links for each of them. Send these links along with referral metrics back to HubSpot for easy distribution and monitoring of your referral program within your CRM.

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Send Referred Users from Referral Factory to HubSpot 

Referral Factory can automatically create a new contact in HubSpot when someone signs up using their friend's referral link. That way, your team can pick up the referred lead without skipping a beat!

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Automatically Qualify Successful Referrals Using Your Usual HubSpot Workflows and Pipelines

In addition to creating a new contact in HubSpot when you get a new referral, Referral Factory can track that referral and automatically qualify them when they convert in HubSpot using your regular workflows. Qualify your referrals by a an update to a contact property like Lead Status or Lifecycle Stage or qualify by a change in the Deal Stage. 

👉 Learn how.


Send Direct Users (The Person Referring) to HubSpot When They Sign Up For A Referral Link

If you have a use case for this function, Referral Factory can create a HubSpot contact when someone signs up for a referral link via the campaign join link as a direct user or a Person Referring. 

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Track Your Sale Value For Commission-Based Rewards

If you are using your HubSpot integration to qualify referrals and want to issue commission-based rewards for those referrals, you can automatically track your sale value from a property in HubSpot. This means Referral Factory can automatically calculate the value of your reward!

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📌 Having trouble with your HubSpot integration? Please consult our troubleshooting guide.