How Can Users Track When They Get Referrals?

When your users or people referring start to get referrals, there are two ways that they can see how many referrals they have made.

Firstly, there is a button in the email notification that gets sent to people referring when they register to get their referral link.


Referral Factory also gives you a tracking URL that you can share with your users’ tracking links with them via email, text, or any other means of communication.

Track your referrals


If you want to edit the pages for the tracking URL read this guide 👉 What are tracking pages and how do they work.

When a person referring clicks on either the button in their email or their tracking URL they will get asked to enter the email address that they signed up with. Once they click the "Check My Referrals" button they will be able to see how many referrals they have made as well as how many of those referrals have converted. 

referral_tracking_example  share_link_example