What Are Tracking Pages And How Do They Work?

Every in Referral Factory has tracking pages, these are the pages that your USERS view to track how many referrals they have generated and how many of those referrals have converted.

In this guide 👇

  1. What Is A Tracking Page Of Your Referral Campaign?
  2. How Your Users Find The Tracking Page (To Track Their Referrals)
  3. Where You Can Edit The Tracking Page In Your Campaign 
  4. How You Can Customize Your Tracking Page

Tracking pages are Referral Factory’s solution to user tracking - you can customize them as much as you’d like, and even enable a secure login so users have to verify their emails before checking their referral stats.


1. What Is A Tracking Page Of Your Referral Campaign?

In tracking pages, users will see how many referrals they have made and how many have converted. 

If your users want to track their referrals they can navigate to the campaign tracking page. They will need to enter their email address to see how many referrals and converted referrals they have. 

These pages are 100% customizable, but we'll discuss that later in this help guide.

2. How Your Users Can Find The Tracking Page (To Track Their Referrals)

Before going deep into details, let’s see how you can get the link to your tracking pages. There are two options of doing this.👇

Option 1

  • Navigate to your Campaigns tab
  • Open the campaign you want to get the tracking link for
  • Click on Tracking Pages button 


  • Copy the Tracking Link 


Option 2

  1. Click on Edit Tracking Pages button
  2. Go to the Settings tab


On the other hand, your users can see the number of converted referrals by navigating to the campaign tracking page. This is how they will see it in the email👇


Please Note: that in order to access tracking links, you must first build your campaign at Referral Factory.

Learn how to build each page of your referral campaign, using our drag-and-drop campaign builder here.

3. Where You Can Edit The Tracking Page In Your Campaign

Tracking pages of your users are fully customizable - you can customize the text, add images, use personalization, edit the button text, and even enable a secure login for your users.

Remember, that the tracking link can only be seen after you have built at least one campaign.

Once you have built your campaign, you will see it in your Campaigns tab and click on the Edit Tracking Pages button.



4. How You Can Customize Your Tracking Page

Here you have two steps of your tracking pages where your users can see their results. 

First Step 👇

In the first step of your tracking page, the referring person will enter the email to let the system find corresponding information about the referrals made.

You can edit landing pages by adding images, videos, additional content blocks, and buttons. 


Second Step 👇

All mentioned editing tools, such as having additional blocks of content, visuals, videos, and buttons are also available for the second step of your tracking page. You can also add the referral link to this step as a reminder for your users to keep referring.

On this step, you can also add dynamic variables that will pull out the corresponding information of {First Name}, {Referrals}, {Converted Referrals}. 

Example: You have made {Referrals} referrals and {Converted Referrals} of those referrals have been successful. 👇

Another thing that you may notice on this page is the social media icons. These are being used the same way as in your referral campaign - they will just reissue the user with their SAME referral link and share buttons. These can also be turned off.


If you choose to issue the user with their referral link again - after showing them their stats - you can choose which social media channels the person referring can share the referral link on and also change the color of icons based on your preferences (Regular, White, Black).

Please Note: that the main design of your tracking pages, including the logo, background, text and button colors are being pulled out from your main campaign’s design.

Your tracking pages have their own Settings tab, where you can also copy the link to your campaign tracking page.

Also, here you can change the text of the button, which in our case is “Track Your Referrals ”.

This is where you change the text - BUT BE CAREFUL IT WILL CHANGE EVERYWHERE.



If you want your users to have an additional security layer while logging in to their personal tracking dashboard, you can enable User Verification. In this case, after submitting the email address, your users will get a verification code on their email. Only after being verified by the system your users will be able to log in. 


*User verification feature is only available in Pro plan.