How To Use Referral Factory API

Our API is organized around REST, and is designed to be a predictable and intuitive interface for interacting with your referral campaigns and the users participating in them.


Using our API you will be able to:

  • Access all of your user records in real-time - this is the data you would usually see on your ‘Users’ tab
  • Update, add, or delete your user records
  • Qualify ‘referred’ users once they successfully complete the desired action (often referred to as a conversion)
  • Get notified of when a reward needs to be issued to a user
  • Send new referred users to any endpoint such as your own CRM software

These functions will allow you to successfully scale your referral program, without having to increase the manual workload needed to manage it.

Referral Factory currently does not have a test mode, so please use the API functions carefully as you will be working with real user records.

Click here to view our complete API Documentation.