What Are The Different Types Of Users

Before we explain the different types of users, it's important to understand what counts as a user. Every person that joins a campaign, either as a person referring or a person invited, is counted as a user.

There are different types of users that you can have in your referral campaign. 

  • A direct user
  • An added user
  • A referred user 
  • And an API user

Referral Factory - Different types of users


Direct Users – These are users that join your campaign directly by using the campaign link and filling in their details on step one. You can share this link with your customers, your fans, or your existing database. You can find your campaign link in the Outputs tab in your campaign builder. You will need to publish your campaign before you can get access to the campaign link. 


Added Users – These are users that you have added to your referral campaign. There are multiple ways you can add users to a campaign:

  • You can upload a CSV of your customers or your database
  • You can sync your users with your CRM on an ongoing basis or once off. Ongoing syncs are mostly done when a business wants to generate referral links for their customers and send those referral links into their own ecosystem and issue them to customers from their side.
  • You can also add users to your campaign using Zapier

This article has more info on how to add users to your campaign - How Do I Add Customers To A Campaign?


Referred Users – These are users who have been invited to join the referral program. They have clicked on the referral link from a referred user and entered their details to join the referral program.


API Users - These are users that you have added to your campaign using our API. Our API allows you to automatically add your existing customers to your referral campaign as well as any new customers you get from other channels to your referral campaign. Once you have added them to the campaign, you can show users their unique referral links inside a logged-in environment or portal. 

Here is an example of how we have used our own API to add users to our own referral program: