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Understanding Users In Referral Factory: A Full Guide

Before we explain the different types of users, it's important to understand what counts as a user. Every person who joins your referral campaign, either as a person referred or invited, is counted as a user.

Important! If you understand how your users work, you’ll be able to navigate your campaign builder better, you’ll know how to set up integrations and how to use user data. 

Understanding how users work = you can do everything! 

There are always two types of users: The Person Referring and The Person Invited.


What is the source? It’s where your customers come from. 

Let’s say you’re running a Facebook lead generation campaign and a Twitter advertising campaign. You get a new user whenever someone fills in their details on Facebook ads. Every time someone clicks on your Twitter ads and goes to your website, you get a new user. So now you have the same types of users from two different sources (Facebook and Twitter). 

In this case, these are both direct users but the source where they came from is different. 

Who Is The Person Referring?

The person referring is essentially the person that is armed with a referral link, that they send to their friends (these are the people invited). 




There are three types of users that you can have in your referral campaign - Direct User, Added User, and API User. 


Direct Users - These are the users that join your referral campaign by filling in their details to get their referral link so they can share it with their friends or family members. 

Added Users - These are the users that you’ve added to your referral campaign. There are multiple ways you can add users to a campaign 👇

API Users - Using our API, you can add new users to your referral campaign, and issue them with referral links which also allows you to bypass both pages built for your person referring. 


Who Is The Person Invited?

There is only one sourcing option - the referred user. These are users who have been invited to join the referral campaign. They have clicked on the referral link from a referred user and entered their details to join the referral campaign on the first landing page for your person invited. 

And that's the reason that a person invited can only ever have one source because the only way they can ever get into your campaign is because they were invited by someone else.

Now that you understand the basics of the person invited (also called a referred user) in Referral Factory, we’re going take a one step further as these users can become qualified. What does that mean? 


How Does The Referred User Become Qualified In Referral Factory? 

A qualified user is one who successfully converts (the conversion could be a sale, a contract signed, an account opened, or any other action that can turn a potential lead into an actual lead, etc).

The following diagram shows when the referred user becomes qualified 👇




Qualifying your referrals will make your referral campaign easier to manage as you can see in real-time how many referrals you have and how many of those referrals have successfully converted. 

You easily see who referred them by looking at the Referred By column in your Users tab. 

We'll also tell you the date that the user qualified so you know exactly whom to issue a reward, and when.