How To Convert The Person Invited to A Person Referring After They Qualify (User Behavior)

If you want to create a "viral loop" with your referral program, you have the option to modify the user behavior settings in your campaign so that a Person Invited is automatically treated as a Person Referring after they qualify.

In referral marketing, a viral loop refers to a self-sustaining cycle where existing users refer new users, who then, in turn, become referrers themselves after converting or qualifying as a successful referral. This creates a continuous loop of referrals, ideally leading to exponential growth in user acquisition.

If you plan to ask your qualified referrals to refer their friends, Referral Factory can change the pages and emails they see:


→ From the Campaigns tab, click on Edit Campaign.

→ Navigate to the campaign Settings and open the section called User Behavior.

→ Check the first box to treat all future referred users as the Person Referring after they qualify. 

→ Check the second box to treat all existing referred users as the Person Referring if they have already qualified.