WooCommerce And Referral Factory Integration

Please note that our native woo-commerce integration has been discontinued.

You can still use Zapier to connect Referral Factory to Woo Commerce, it will only take a few minutes and offers you a lot of flexibility when integrating your e-commerce store to your referral program. For more information about how to use Referral Factory + Zapier + Woo Commerce please check out our full help guide on Zapier here.


In order to connect Referral Factory to Woo Commerce through Zapier you'll need an active account (on any plan) for both products. You'll also need to have a referral program already created in Referral Factory, and ready to launch to your customers. Go here if you want to know how to create your own referral program.


Please reach out to support if you have any questions about how to get more referrals to your e-commerce store