Can A Person Be Referred Multiple Times?

A person can be invited multiple times to your referral program. Our referral software will allocate the referral to the referrer whose link was used first.

You may have a scenario where a person is invited to your referral program by more than one person. Our system will still let the person invited join the campaign both times however we will assign the referral to the referrer whose link was used first.


For example, Jessica gets referred by Stacey. Jessica uses Stacey's link to sign up for your campaign. A month later, Alex refers Jessica to the campaign. Referral Factory will assign the referral to Stacey because Jessica used her referral link first.

Our referral program software only allows a person to register for a campaign with their email address once so if Jessica registers with both Alex and Stacey's referral link, she will only be in the campaign once.

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