New User Zap - Video Walkthrough Of How To Send Your New Referred Users Out - Using Zapier.

This Zap automates the process of sending a user (lead) out of Referral Factory and into your CRM, marketing tools, or business workflows.

The most common reason this Zap is used is that a business wants the new referred user (and all their data) pushed out of Referral Factory in real-time. 

If you'd like to learn more about this specific Zap, watch the video 👇

Below we'll share one more practical example of how this Zap works. 

Example Two: 

Let's imagine that you want all your new referred users (leads) to be pushed into a Slack channel in real time so that your team gets notified when you have a new referral and can follow up accordingly.

You would set up the 'New User' Zap to trigger every time you get a new referral in your campaign, you can then pass all the details of that user into Zapier, and from Zapier into your Slack account.

Your team will then be notified in Slack every time you get a new referral. Woohoo 🥳

Referral Factory + Zapier = 🚀