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Finding The Right Referral Program Templates For Your Business

With Referral Factory, you get access to over 100+ pre-built referral program templates.

To make it even easier for you to launch a successful referral program, our referral marketing experts around the globe have designed world-class referral program templates that you can use to get up and running faster.


These referral program templates have been designed to cater to all types of businesses across different industries. There are referral program templates for solar businesses, education and online learning, healthcare and wellness, fitness, marketing and advertising, SaaS businesses, and much more...


What makes Referral Factory's referral program templates even more valuable is that they also integrate seamlessly with our HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Salesforce, Zoho, and Zapier integrations so you can build a referral program that fully integrates with your internal processes.

To start building your referral program - all you need to do is search through our list of referral program templates, choose the one that suits your business best, edit the text and branding, and go live. 

You can access referral program templates in two ways:

1. From your Referral Factory account 
Login to your Referral Factory account, and navigate to the templates tab on the left-hand side. Use the search bar to find a referral program template that fits your needs. 

Screenshot showing that Referral Factory offers over 100 referral program templates


2. From the Referral Factory Website

Click on this link 👉  to view our Referral Program Templates. 

Screenshot showing how to find referral program templates

Here are the top 6 referral program templates 👇


1. Uber Referral Program Template 

Uber’s referral program is one of the most well-known programs in the world. Copy this template.

Build a referral program like Uber


2. PayPal Referral Program Template 

Copy the referral program used by PayPal to achieve 7 - 10% daily growth.

Build a referral program like PayPal


3. B2B Referral Program Template 

This template is a referral program that rewards businesses for referring other businesses in their network.

Build a B2B referral program

4. Double-Sided (Service Business) Referral Program Template 

A simple give and get - if your customers refer a friend and they convert, they both get a reward.

Build a double-sided referral program 

5. Education & E-Learning Referral Program Template

A popular give-and-get referral program for eLearning - where both parties get 20% off for the referral. 

Build an e-learning referral program 

6. Tax & Accounting Referral Program Template

A simple finance template where companies can reward their customers for referring anyone to use their accounting services. 

Build a tax or accounting referral program 


What makes our referral program templates so powerful?

Our templates have been designed to deliver a smart, positive experience to your customers on their referral journey. 

Great referral program templates will have a great headline, relevant text and imagery that will stand out both to the person referring and to the person invited.

The messaging in our referral program templates has been carefully curated to make your referral program easy for the person referring and the person being invited to understand.

Our referral program templates are beautifully designed to give you an idea of how you can customize and style the look and feel of your referral program to match your brand. 

Most importantly, great referral program templates should have an offer that the person invited can’t refuse (this is often called a referral CTA). If you want the person invited to action, make your CTA compelling, "Learn More", and "Continue" won't cut it. Try using a creative CTA such as "Claim Your Discount" or "Start Saving Now".


We are always adding more referral program templates to our library so if you want to browse through them all, follow this link referral program templates