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Turn your customers into your biggest marketing channel by launching a referral program using our referral program software. This demo video will show you how to use no-code referral program software to get more referrals and grow!

Referral Factory is a referral marketing software designed to easily build and manage referral programs. With Referral Factory, businesses can ask people to refer their friends, track referrals, and issue rewards and incentives automatically. Referral Factory also offers deep integrations with most CRMs.


Build Your Referral Program

Referral Factory allows you to design and customize a series of pages that take people through the experience of referring their friends easily. The first step is to create a join page where anyone can sign up to refer their friends. The next page issues the referral link which can be shared via a QR code, share button, or copy/paste. When a friend opens the link, they are taken to a personalized page introducing them to your business. Here, you can include a special incentive or offer to make your new lead more likely to sign up. Referral Factory also allows you to send automatic email notifications, including regular reminders to keep people referring.

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Track Your Referrals

Referral Factory is hard at work in the background tracking who referred whom. You can find all of these details in the user's tab of your dashboard. Referral Factory allows you to track one additional stage after the person invited has submitted their details. This stage is called a qualification and it marks the moment you consider them to be a successful referral. Referral Factory allows you to manually qualify these referrals or automate this process via a CRM connection, Zapier, Webhooks, or the Referral Factory API.

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Automate Your Referral Program

Referral Factory offers easy-to-install integrations with the most popular CRMs, as well as through Zapier, Webhooks, or our open API. Integrating Referral Factory with your existing business tools helps you automate your referral marketing even further. One primary reason to integrate with your existing business tools is to send information from Referral Factory out, for instance, by sending emails or text messages.

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Promote Your Referral Program

Promoting your referral program is essential to get people to start referring their friends. Referral Factory allows you to share your referral program on social media or via email. Referral Factory also provides shareable links that you can place on your website or blog.

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Reward Your Participants

Finally, to incentivize and reward your referrals, Referral Factory allows you to create a rewards system. You can offer rewards such as discounts, free products, or cash payments. You can also set different rewards for different stages of the referral process, such as a smaller reward for referring a friend and a bigger reward for converting that friend into a paying customer. Referral Factory also allows you to track the rewards that you have given out.

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In summary, Referral Factory is an excellent tool for businesses looking to build and manage their referral programs easily. With Referral Factory, you can design your referral program, track your referrals, integrate your referral program with your CRM, promote your referral program, and reward and incentivize your referrals.