What Are Campaign Outputs?

Once you’ve built and launched your referral program, the goal should be to get as many people referring as possible.

To help you do that, Referral Factory gives you lots of options to get users to join your referral program. We call these different options – ‘Outputs’. You can find all of these on the ‘Outputs’ tab in your campaign builder. To find out what the different outputs are and how you can use them – keep reading.

Your Campaign Link


This is the link that you will share with your customers or users to join the referral program and get their unique referral link. You can include this in an email blast to users or text them link or add it to your website. If you want to host this link on your own domain please read this guide



Email Your Contacts 


You can send an email to your fans or customers directly from the Outputs tab. All you need to do is upload a list of users, craft an email, and hit send. You will need to have the first name and emails of your contacts in order to use this output, as it will automatically add these users to your campaign and issue their referral links to them in this email. 







Our widget allows you to add a small widget to the corner of your website, the widget opens up your referral program when clicked. Everyone who visits your website now knows that you have a referral program. All of that website traffic can easily join your referral program and start referring their friends. This output can work for both logged in and logged out users. 




QR Code


If you have a physical store or deliver products or materials directly to your customers, this is a great option for you. You can download your QR code and display it on your products with a Call To Action so that your customers can easily scan the code to access your referral program and register to get their unique referral link.



Embed Code


You can also easily insert your referral program into your website by adding this simple piece of code where you want the campaign to be embed. This will allow customers to join your referral program and get their unique link directly from any page or blog post on your website.




Share On Social


This is a quick and easy way to share your referral campaign on social media, so users can join and start referring. 




Pop Up 


Our pop-up allows you to trigger a full screen pop-up on our website when the user clicks a button, scrolls, or stays on your website for a certain time. Your referral program will be hosted in this pop-up. This output can work for both logged in and logged out users. 






Using Zapier and Referral Factory together, you can automate everything from generating referral links for users, to asking your customers to refer their friends, to marking which referrals convert, to rewarding successful referrals. No-code needed!


Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 16.10.10


API And Webhooks 


Using our API and Webhooks you can fully integrate this referral campaign into your business.



Sync Your CRM Contacts 


You can now sync your CRM contacts, automatically generating referral links for all the contacts in your CRM. This is a game-changer for everyone who uses a CRM to nurture relationships with current and potential customers. The output can be activated as a once-off or it can be ongoing so all new contacts added to your CRM are automatically added to your referral program.




Tracking URL


While not necessarily an output to help you get more people referring - the tracking URL allows your referrers to see how many people they have referred and how many of those referrals have converted. Read more about that here


Screenshot 2022-11-10 at 16.28.51


The important thing to note is that the more people referring your program the more successful it will be so try to use all the options available to you. We’ve created this video to help you get some ideas on how to promote your referral program using our Outputs, and get more users referring their friends 👏