How To Email Your Customers From Campaign Outputs

You can send an email to your fans or customers, issuing them their referral links directly. This feature will send users referral links straight to their inboxes. 

This article will show you how to email your contacts directly from your campaign outputs 👇

From your campaign outputs, click on "Email Your Contacts".




Style your email 

When you click on create email, you will be directed to an email builder page where you have the option to design your own email to send your users their referral links.

This is a once-off email that you can send to users, assign each one their own referral link to encourage them to start referring. 


You also have the option to send a test email to see how your email looks like. 


Once you've sucessfully styled your email, it's time to upload users to your referral campaign.

Upload Your Users

  • From the email builder, click on Uplod Database 👇


  • Click the 'Browse' button.
  • Select the CSV file you want to upload. 


Once you’ve uploaded your CSV, you need to map out the fields you want to include when you add the users to your campaign. To do this, mark which columns in the file correspond to the fields from the campaign. 


Important! Your users will also not be added to your campaign if your fields have not been mapped out. Referral Factory uses the name and email address of a user as their unique identifiers. This means that without this information, our system will not be able to add the user to your campaign. (However, this will not stop users on your CSV list, that do have this information included from being added/uploaded). 

If you're having an issue with uploading your CSV file, read more in this help guide. 


You can also choose to overwrite any existing users. This means if a user is already in your campaign and they are also in this CSV file, their data will not be updated or overwritten. Selecting this option also means that the users you add to the campaign will NOT be sent an email notification.


Once you're happy with your email set up, hit send. 



Important! If you want to use your own CRM/email software to send this email, you can choose the option "Upload but don't send email to users" from users tab. You'll have a list of added users with their unique referral links, then you can export that list and upload it to your own CRM or email software so you can send users their referral links by including the referral link as a merge field. 

Read more about uploading a list of customers in this help guide. 



If you'd like to have a demo or have any questions you can either book a demo with us or send an email.