How To Add Customers To A Referral Campaign

One of the goals of your referral campaign should be to get as many people as possible to become referrers. The more people referring your campaign, the more referrals you will get.

How do you do this? By sending referrers their unique links and making it easy for your customers, employees, partners, and vendors to share their unique links.

There are six ways to add users to your campaign using Referral Factory. This article will show you how:

1. Invite your customers using your campaign link

2. Email your customers from Referral Factory

3. Upload a list of your customers

4. Add them via our API

5. Sync your contacts straight from your CRM

6. Add users to a campaign using Zapier


1. Invite your customers using your campaign link

This is when you send your campaign link to your customers or users and ask them to join your referral campaign.

To do this, go to your campaign builder and navigate to the Promote Your Campaign step. You can copy your campaign link and send it to your existing customers with a call to action to register to refer friends. We suggest using the most common, high-engaging medium within your business. For example, you could email or text your customers the link to join your campaign.


2. Email your customers from Referral Factory

Once you publish your campaign - you can send customers an email directly from Referral Factory letting them know you have added them to your referral campaign and giving them their referral link.


Craft the email that you would like to send to your customers. You can edit the subject line and customize it by using the 'Add Blocks' icon to add more content to your mail including;  

  • A title
  • More copy
  • Images
  • Videos
  • And buttons

When you're happy with the email that you have crafted - Click the "Next" button.


Then you need to upload a database or list of customers that you want to send the email to. Click the "Browse" button to upload your list. 


Customize the import configuration by selecting if you want to:

  • Ignore the first row in your CSV list
  • Select if you want to overwrite existing users
  • Mapping out the fields in your list to correspond to the fields in your campaign. 

When you're happy with the setup and are ready to launch then just click "Next".




Upload A list of your customers

You can also upload a CSV list of your existing customers. This will auto-assign each customer their own unique referral link which you can then either export and use in your own existing system or you can use Referral Factory to email them their referral link.

Navigate to your Users tab and click on the "Add Users" button.


Then select the way you want to add users or upload your own customer list. Choose upload users (CSV File)


Next choose the campaign you want to upload to, and select you want to upload and send an email to users or upload but don't send an email to users.


Add your users to a Google or Exel sheet and save it as a CSV. Make sure your CSV file is separated by a,  in order for the upload to work properly. You can see an example of what it should look like below.



Once you’ve uploaded your CSV, you need to map out the fields you want to add. You can also choose to overwrite any existing users. Once you’re done, click ‘Next’.


You can choose to use Referral Factory to notify users that they have been added to a campaign. Before you decide, you can preview the email, and then hit save if you choose to send it. The email you’ll see in the preview is the email you build in your campaign builder, under your Notifications tab.


4. Add them via our API

You can use our API to automatically add your existing customers to your referral campaign. You can also add any new customers you get from other channels to your referral campaign. Here is a guide to Create A New User using our API which you can share with your developer to implement. 


5. Sync your contacts straight from your CRM

Once you have connected your CRM to your Referral Factory account, you can head to the Outputs Tab inside your campaign builder to see if this option is available with your CRM. In the example below, we're using HubSpot. 



You can sync your contacts from your CRM with Referral Factory. This means you can add a list of customers from your CRM directly to your referral campaign and issue them with a referral link. You can then send these referral links back into your CRM and update your contact to include their referral link. This will allow you to send your contacts their unique referral links every time you interact with them from your CRM.  


You can select which field you want the referral link to be assigned to. 

Note: You must make sure that you have created a property or field inside your CRM that will allow you to populate with the referral link. 


These users will now be added to your campaign and their referral links sent back to your CRM. 


6. Add users to a campaign using Zapier

Referral Factory has an "Add Users" zap which you can use to automatically add users from a third-party platform such as your own CRM to your referral campaign, issue them with a referral link, and send that link back with your users into your CRM. Learn about that here - Zapier and Referral Factory


For tips on how to get more referrals, give this article a read: The Key to getting more referrals.