How To Add Your Zoho Contacts To Your Referral Campaign

It is now possible to add all of your Zoho contacts to your referral program and issue them with their own unique referral links.

You can then automatically add their referral link to the contact information in Zoho. That means each of your Salesforce contacts will now have a referral link! 

This will allow you to use your existing workflows to encourage contacts to refer their friends. To add your contacts to your referral campaign follow the steps below:

👉 Navigate to the "Promote your campaign" tab of your campaign builder and click on the "Generate referral links for your CRM contacts" button.


👉 Choose Sync All Contacts


👉 Before you map user data, create a custom property in Zoho for ‘Referral link’, ‘Referral Count’, ‘Converted Referrals Count’, and ‘Referral Code’.

👉 Decide which additional data you want to sync between Zoho and Referral Factory. For example, you may want to sync user statistics like the number of referrals or converted referrals.

👉 If necessary, create custom properties for relevant data points.

👉 Click 'Next'. 


Please note: Your contacts will NOT be notified unless you choose to in the next step.

👉 Use the dropdown options to match the relevant data between Referral Factory and Zoho. The options in the dropdowns will pull from your Zoho account.  



👉 Select whether you want to make the sync between Zoho and Referral Factory ongoing or once-off.


👉 Select 'Save'