How To Sync HubSpot Contacts with Referral Factory (and Generate Their Referral Links)

You can add all or a list of your HubSpot contacts to your referral program and issue them with their own unique referral links.

You can then automatically add their referral link to the contact information in HubSpot. That means each of your HubSpot contacts will now have a referral link! 

This will allow you to use your existing workflows to encourage contacts to refer their friends. To add your contacts to your referral program follow these steps. 


πŸ“Œ Want to learn more about what you can do with HubSpot and Referral Factory? Consult the full guide: πŸ“– HubSpot and Referral Factory: A Full Guide πŸ“–


πŸ“Œ This will generate referral links for all of your customers in Hubspot, these customers will NOT be notified. After your sync is complete, the customers you sync’d will each have a referral link inside their customer record in Hubspot.


Before you configure the sync between Referral Factory and HubSpot, you will need to create a custom property in HubSpot to store each contact's Referral Link. You may also want to create properties to store each referrer's performance metrics, i.e. the number of people they have referred and the number of those referrals that have been successful. 

You can learn more about creating custom fields in HubSpot's knowledge base: πŸ”— Create and edit properties πŸ”—


You can sync your HubSpot contacts from three places in the Referral Factory dashboard:


πŸ‘‰ From the Users Tab.

β†’ Click Add Users.

β†’ Click Sync Your CRM Contacts.


πŸ‘‰ From the Campaigns tab.

β†’ Click Sync Your Contacts.

πŸ‘‰ From the Promote section inside the campaign builder.

β†’ Click Generate referral links for your contacts by syncing them.

β†’ Choose if you want to sync all your contacts or a list of contacts. You can sync active or passive lists with Referral Factory. 

β†’ Click Next.

    β†’ Map the property fields from HubSpot to the relevant data fields in Referral Factory. 

    β†’ Click Next

    β†’ Map the data from Referral Factory to the properties you have created in HubSpot. To surface each contact's referral link inside HubSpot, you must map the field "Referral Link". 

    πŸ’‘ If your recently created Intercom data attributes aren't available for selection in Referral Factory, try refreshing the cache by clicking the refresh icon in the top left corner of your dashboard. 


    β†’ Click Next.  

    β†’ In the final step, you have the option to make the sync function on an ongoing basis. Use the toggle to make the sync ongoing. 

    πŸ“Œ You have the option to toggle the ongoing sync on or off from the Promote section of the campaign builder.

    β†’ Click Start Sync.

    β†’ Success!



    ❗️Contacts that you sync will not be automatically notified or sent their referral link. If you would like to notify them, please use your own marketing channels or Referral Factory's once-off email feature. You can learn more about once-off emails here: πŸ“– How To Create A Once-Off Email πŸ“–