Adding Your HubSpot Contacts To Your Referral Campaign

It is now possible to add all of your HubSpot contacts or a specific list of contacts to your referral program and issue them with their own unique referral links.

You can then automatically add their referral link to the contact information in HubSpot.

This will allow you to use your existing workflows to encourage contacts to refer their friends. To add your contacts to your referral campaign follow the steps below:


1. Navigate to the Outputs tab of your campaign and click on the Add Customers button.



2. Select if you wish to sync all of your HubSpot contacts to the campaign or a specific list of contacts. 

*Note: If you select  "Sync from specific list" you will need to choose which list you want to sync with from the drop-down menu. 



3. Click the "Next" button to continue. 


4. Choose which property you want to send the contact's referral link to. Click "Save".


Your contacts will now. be added to your referral campaign and their referral link will be added to the property field that you chose during your setupReferral Factory - HubSpot contact referral link