What Are Email Rate Limits?

Referral Factory has rate limits on how many daily emails you can send for your referral program. This article will explain how rate limits work, the limits for each plan, and how to lift your limit.


Email rate limits exist for two reasons:

Firstly, to prevent spam from being sent through our system.

Secondly, to control the level of email traffic being processed through Referral Factory, to ensure that our mail server will be available to support all of our users whenever they need to send an email.


In this help guide, we’ll cover👇

👉 What are the rate limits for each plan

👉 Which email messages count towards my email send limit

👉 How to lift rate limits

What are the rate limits for each plan?

Referral Factory has rate limits on how many emails you can send per day, these rate limits apply to all plans. These rate limits The allocated amount of emails you can send per day will depend on your plan.


Starter plan = 100 emails per day.

Basic plan = 2000 emails per day.

Pro plan = 3000 emails per day.


If you choose to send a once-off email or any other emails that will exceed your rate limits, Referral Factory will notify you before sending so that you are aware that some or all of your emails will not be sent. 


Which email messages count towards my email send limit?

Your Referral Factory account has an associated daily email send limit. This is calculated every time an email is sent by you through Referral Factory. Each email that is sent counts toward your daily total. For example, if you set up a once-off email and send it to 500 contacts, that is calculated as 500 emails sent.

Your email send limit will reset each day. So, if you reach your daily email rate limit today - then you will have to wait 24 hours in order to send more emails tomorrow. 

The following types of emails count toward your send limit:
  • Once-off emails to your audiences
  • Email notifications for the person referring
  • Email notifications for the person invited
  • Reminder emails for both the person referring and the person invited
  • Test emails you send while setting up your campaign


How do I lift my rate limits?

If you would like to increase your rate limits so that the email sending for your campaign is not interrupted, we have the following solutions for you:

Upgrade your plan

Depending on how many emails you plan to send per day, you could upgrade your subscription to a higher plan in order to lift your daily rate limits. Read this article to see how to upgrade your subscription 

Connect your own mail server

You can still use Referral Factory to trigger and send email notifications for your referral program but, instead of sending those emails through our mail server, which will have a rate limit, you can choose to send them through your own mail server. Read this article to see how to enable your own mail server
* If you enable your own mail server, Referral Factory won't be responsible for ensuring deliverability, you will have to ensure this through your own mail provider.

Purchase more emails

Another option is to purchase more emails to increase your rate limits. You can purchase emails in intervals of 10 000 at a cost of $0.005 per mail. So if you wanted to purchase 10 000 emails, that would cost $50.00. Click here to purchase more emails.

Purchasing more emails

Once your purchased emails run out, your account will continue with the standard daily rate limits allowed. 


If you have any other questions on rate limits or need some help, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team. They'll be happy to assist.

You can either use the chat button in your account, or you can email our support team.