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How To Embed Your Join Link On Your Website

If you want to embed your referral campaign directly onto your website or onto a landing page that you have access to, you can do that by using our embed code feature.

By embedding your referral campaign on your website, you can provide your visitors with a seamless user experience, bring traffic to your referral campaign and increase engagement on your website. 


All you need to do is give the embed code of your campaign to a developer to add this to the source code of your website. If you know how to code yourself, then you can do it without any help 🙌


Please note that the embed code will always open showing what you see in the “First Step For Person Referring” pages -  this means users will need to enter their names and email addresses to generate their referral links. 


Read about the pages for the person referring in this help guide.


How To Install The Embed Code Onto Your Website 👇


  • Select the campaign you want to use for the embed code. 
  • Inside your campaign builder, navigate to the “Promote Your Campaign” tab. 
  • Click on the ‘Embed your campaign on your website, only works for logged-out users. 



  • Copy this snippet of code.



  • Paste the code into the page you want to embed your referral program on. 


Once your referral program is embedded into your website or landing page, it will look something like this 👇


Read more about other promotional options that Referral Factory offers in this help guide.